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ImpactED Creates Personalized, STANDARDS-BASED Professional Development for K-8 Math & Reading Teachers. 

What We Do

At ImpactED, we are committed to raising K-8 math and reading proficiency scores. We do this by creating personalized, standards-based professional development for K-8 math & reading teachers. Our PD is a proven solution that raises proficiency scores by up to 20%.

Student Success Technologies


A digital pathway application that provides a unique mapping of ‘what’s next’ for each student in their educational journey.

The College Affordability Toolkit

A digital technology that produces an affordability rating for every student, at every college, under every circumstance. It will reveal the ‘true cost’ of any college given each student’s unique situation, and reveal a college affordability rating in real-time.


Whatever the need, our team of experienced strategists and expert developers will customize a technology solution to solve it. We specialize in constructing dynamic front-end, backend, database and server solutions for mobile apps, web and desktop applications.

Student Safety Technologies

 Anti-vaping/Anti-bullying Sensor Technology


This new technology will protect your students, staff, and faculty. These innovative Smart Sensors detect vape and marijuana smoke, high carbon dioxide levels, bullying and fights, hazardous gas and chemical spills, gun fire and so much more!

Professional Development


Need help with professional development for your teachers? Want to offer more of a strategic PD plan? Want your teachers to be empowered? Want PD that has a direct impact on student outcomes? Do you have other priorities pulling you away from developing your own PD? Want us to do all the work for you? We are prepared to build a: Personalized, Differentiated, Professional Development plan for every teacher. All you need to do is hire us – and watch your student outcomes soar!!!

INTRODUCING…            ‘PD Squared’

Consulting Services

From small independent projects to ongoing comprehensive needs, the consulting division of ImpactEd exists to provide strategic counsel to individuals and organizations. A few examples of our consulting services include strategic planning, feasibility studies, and acquisition and consolidation studies. 

Who We Serve

At ImpactEd, LLC, we serve any school, school district, educational service unit, public or private entity, regardless of size, that has a desire to advance their organization through the use of innovative technologies.

Schools/School Districts

We provide schools and school districts with tools and resources to enhance student success and increase student safety. Our company is designed to serve schools as a collaborative partner, providing tools and resources beyond the scope of what schools have and are able to do. We believe that the best learning environment occurs when student success is the focus and their safety is the priority. Our company also carries a litany of solutions designed to accomplish faculty and staff professional development needs, meet administrative goals and initiatives, and equip school boards to fulfill their strategic plan and mission.

Education Agencies

Cooperative agreements with educational agencies create an economy of scale that produces significant efficiencies. We partner with progressive agencies interested in utilizing the newest and most powerful education technologies to advance the school districts they serve. We engage in collaborative efforts to create custom tech solutions to solve the most pressing pain points the schools they serve are experiencing. With a focus on school safety, improving efficiencies, and increasing student success, agencies may utilize our existing technologies or we will work together to quickly develop new ed tech solutions specifically designed to solve their unique problems.

Public & Private Entities

Strategic partnerships with non-educational entities is quickly becoming a staple of With Purpose Consulting Group, LLC. The ultimate goal of our work is to promote the advancement of society by using innovative technologies to build creative solutions to solve big problems. We start in the education setting, but recognize how our work quickly moves beyond education and can solve problems outside of the schools. Our company works directly with institutions of higher education, economic development agencies, workforce development agencies, talent development and acquisition companies, and other entities that benefit from the great work K-12 schools do. We serve as the conduit between secondary schools and society.

Our Services

Your problem; Our solution!


The College Affordability Toolkit

HALO Smart Sensor

Social and Emotional Learning Resources

Grant Writing

ImpactEd, LLC

ImpactEd, LLC was founded by Merritt Nelson on October 4, 2021. After more than 25 years of successful careers in both K-12 and Higher Education, Merritt’s comprehensive experience in education exposed many opportunities to create a better education to career transition framework for both students and employers. This led to the launch of ‘ImpactEd’ with a mission to ‘promote the advancement of society by using innovative technologies to build creative solutions to solve big problems.’

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Kiss Your Pain Points Good-Bye!

You have pain points, we have solutions. Let’s get started! Time is of the essence. Whatever your problem is, we can help you solve it. Click the ‘Schedule Your Consultation’ button and LET’S GO!!!!

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Pain points, efficiency issues, underperformance, and mission derailers – they are all prevalent. When overwhelming stress and the feeling of ‘I don’t even know where to start’ settle in – it can be paralyzing for leaders. So where do you start, just contact us. Don’t overthink this. You don’t need a plan, you don’t need a budget, you don’t need to have identified all your issues – just contact us and let’s talk. We’ll take the lead and let you focus on doing your job.

Identify Your Need!

Whatever your priority, whatever your initiative, whatever your goal – we are here to help you develop a plan to reach the outcome you need. If you know your pain point, we’ll get started to customize our solution to solve it. If you need help identifying your pain points, our Strategic Assessment for Pain Points (SAPP) will objectively identify and reveal what problems are most prevalent and imperative to solve. We will eliminate the issues that are inhibiting your progress toward desired outcomes. To get started, click the ‘Schedule Your Free Consultation” today!


Strategy without execution will limit any improvement attempt. We are here to help you identify your pain points and problems, create a customized plan to solve them, AND develop a comprehensive execution plan to assure the desired results happen. Let’s do this!!!

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December 15, 2021

Finding the right college fit

Over 12,000 high school seniors (fall ‘21) were surveyed and asked what their biggest concern is about the college search process. Affordability was the biggest concern, while making the wrong…

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Over 12,000 high school seniors (fall ‘21) were surveyed and asked what their biggest concern is about the college search process. Affordability was the biggest concern, while making the wrong…

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