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Finding the right college fit

The first part of our value is helping students find the right fit for college. We first start by learning about the student and his/her background, what some career aspirations and goals are, and then we take this information and lay it over the top of what his/her college dreams and non-negotiables are. Then we compare those things with as many colleges as possible to create the top of the funnel. Then we match what the colleges offer, and with what their identity is, with what our students need and want. Then we start filtering from 10 to 5 to 3 to 2 to 1.

Application and acceptance assistance

The next part of our value is to work with the student on the application process and help get them accepted into the college or college(s) they want. There is no guarantee as there are legitimate requirements and specific information that some colleges must have for acceptance, however, it will be our responsibility to find out exactly what they are looking for and present the most compelling case as to why our student should be accepted. We can’t guarantee acceptance, but we can improve the chances. We will work directly with the student on the application, his/her essay, personal statement, resume’, interview prep, etc.

Secure as much financial aid as possible

The third part of our value is helping students secure as much financial aid as possible. Paying for college is the number one concern for students and their parents. The financial aid process is complex and confusing and without experience and knowledge in the field, it is likely money will be left on the table. This definitely an art and there are insights for us to share, and for you to learn. Again, there are no guarantees as some colleges do not negotiate, but this is rare. We will walk with students through the FAFSA application, teach them how to negotiate scholarships, offer financial alternatives, and do our best to find additional funding sources.

Remove the stress and complexity

Finally, the college search process is daunting and stressful. There are over 5,000 colleges in the U.S. There is over $432 billion in financial aid available. We want to remove the feeling of overwhelretumedness. We want it to be enjoyable. As a parent, I know my kids typically are more responsive and more open to feedback and suggestions from someone other than myself, even if I tell them the same thing as an expert. We don’t want family conflict, we don’t want tension, and we don’t want this process to be anything but enjoyable. When parents try to help their children, sometimes it can be hard, mostly because both the student and the families are trying to figure it out from scratch, or from what they heard or read, or what it was like 25 years ago. We have this saying after parents agree to partner with us and that is very simply – ‘We’ll take it from here.’ And our hope is that takes this burden off your shoulders and gives you a sense of peace and relief about the process.

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