Who We Serve

At ImpactEd, LLC, we are prepared to serve every student no matter how early or late in the college search and selection process they are.


We are ready to serve any student, whether they aren’t sure if college is for them, or if they already know which college they want to attend. We are here to serve students from small towns in the Midwest to students on the coasts or even internationally. We are prepared to start working with the middle school students and creating a path of success for them to seniors in their last semester needing to wrap everything up. Whatever the case, whoever the individual, and however we can help, we are prepared and ready.


We are ready to work with any school or school district no matter the size or the need. We are prepared to serve a school as the preferred college counseling service vendor and work in conjunction with school administrators to provide professional college counseling or to serve as a supplement to what a school already has in place. Whatever the case, whoever the school, and however we can help, we are prepared and ready.

Private Entities

We are ready to support academies, foundations, non-profit groups, athletic clubs, charter schools, homeschool groups, academic coalitions, or any other private entity that has a vested interest in making sure their students are equipped, well-informed, and educated with the college search process. We will customize our services to meet the needs of your organization and provide professional college counseling to your students individually or as a group.

Risk-free Consultation

Each potential client will have an opportunity to participate in a complimentary 30 minute consultation session before agreeing to any services. This risk-free consultation session will include an overview of services offered, a value proposition conversation, guaranteed deliverables, and an opportunity to ask questions.

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Services Offered

A comprehensive Student Success Plan (SSP)

Our team will work individually with each student and family to develop a SSP that includes a comprehensive blueprint designed to provide guidance from the initial meeting through completion. This blueprint will provide clarity around goals, benchmarks, and success metrics.

An all-encompassing timeline of college admissions activities/events

Our team will work with each student on creating a timeline of important dates pertaining to the college admissions and search process. This timeline will prevent the student from missing important activities/events that could negatively impact their admissions outcome.

An expectations document

Our team will collaboratively design an expectations document that outlines detailed outcomes in order to avoid unspoken assumptions. The development of this document will be continuous and periodically reviewed. It is intended to meet the needs of both the student and his/her family as well as the ImpactEd team.

Accountability and communication plan

Our team will develop an individualized accountability plan that clearly designates benchmarks to ensure the process is being followed. Additionally, we will develop a communication plan that all are comfortable with.

Goal setting session

Our team will work with the student and family to create a set goals that will drive an action plan for the purpose of accomplishing a set of agreed upon outcomes.

Personality test and reflection

Our team has a series of personality tests that help us identify student’s gifts, talents, abilities, dreams, passions, interests, and aspirations. We will reflect on this information and discuss ways to leverage in ways that lead to success.

Resume building support

Our team of experts will give ongoing counsel and share resume best practices as related to the college admissions process. We will help design resumes in a way that increases acceptance rates and financial aid packages and helps differentiate our students from the competition.

Standardized test (ACT/SAT) preparation support

Our team will give expert counsel on how to best prepare for standardized tests. We also teach students and families how to navigate test-optional colleges and maximize superscoring opportunities.

FAFSA completion assistance

Our team of financial aid experts will walk with families through the FAFSA completion process and provide assistance and support throughout this process.

College search support

Our team of former college admissions representatives will counsel students and families on the best way to take the 4,000 colleges in the U.S. and filter them down to a manageable list of 5-10 colleges that may be a good fit for the student.

College application assistance

Our team is experienced and savvy when it comes to the college application process and will assist students from beginning to end. We will provide an initial application consultation and provide a framework of best practices as the student embarks on the application process. We will also provide continuous review and edits to ensure the student submits the most powerful application possible.

Scholarship search and application support

Our team of financial aid experts will teach students and families how to embark on the initial scholarship search. We will then present the different higher education financial aid models and how to best leverage this information to get as much money secured as possible. We will also present a list of available grants, loans, and other aid through a variety of funding sources.

Scholarship negotiation training

Our team of financial aid experts will hold a training seminar on how to negotiate scholarship offers. It is our goal to get every student as much money as possible and there is an art to being able to do this.

College essay support, review, and editing

Our team of writing experts will provide initial counsel on how to write the most compelling essay that properly embodies the work and experiences the student has had. Upon this, we will provide multiple reviews and suggested edits in order to work toward a dynamic finished product that will stand out to the essay review teams.

Personal statement support, review, and editing

Our team will provide a personal statement framework that has shown to meet the majority of scoring rubrics that college admissions teams use. We will teach students how to integrate powerful words and tell a captivating story in a short statement that will give them an advantage over other applicants.

Interview training

Our team will hold a workshop on ‘How to nail your college interview’ that will give each student the tools and insight to be able to perform at their highest level during the interview process. This workshop has proven to significantly increase the chances of both acceptance and receiving additional financial aid. We will teach students how to properly answer questions using a 3-phased approach.

Learning and emotional disability guidance

Our team of specialized support service agents will work with students and families to ensure all necessary student support is provided by the college to the student. This process can be tricky to navigate and we will serve as advocates for students who need special assistance. Knowing your rights is an imperative part of this process.

Financial aid training and guidance

Or team will take a complex, daunting, and regulation-filled process and make it simple and easy to understand and provide on-going guidance and support. Our end goal is to find you as much money as possible to help pay for college. There are many tips and tricks and insights that are unknown to those outside of higher education and we look forward to sharing our insight and information with you.

Unlimited access to college consultants for questions as they arise

Our team of experts is here to serve you and to be an advocate for you. Just as you would not approach a significant financial investment without a trained financial advisor, or just as you would not approach a significant new investment or purchase without seeking the counsel of an expert, you should not approach the college search and admissions process without an expert by your side providing counsel and expertise. We are here for you.