ImpactEd, LLC

Impacted, LLC was founded by Merritt Nelson on October 4, 2021. After over 25 years of successful careers in both K-12 education and Higher Education, Merritt launched ‘ImpactEd’ to inspire students to aggressively pursue their future aspirations with purpose by providing strategic support and guidance throughout their college and career search process. The original mission of ImpactEd was ‘To lead students and their families through the college and career search process by providing comprehensive support and guidance.’ This mission, and the overall purpose of ImpactEd LLC, took a sharp turn in February of 2022 when demand got so great that Merritt and his team could not meet the client demand they were experiencing. This created a need to pivot and shift the company from a college counseling company to an education technology solutions company. With an updated mission and renewed vision, IE continues to build new software solutions and integrate innovative technology solutions into schools and educational entities. 


To improve education through the use of innovative technology solutions.

What We Do:

ImpactEd, LLC primarily focuses on providing unique solutions to students and educators alike. We strive to make effective programs and ideas to help steer us away from an education crisis. For an example of some of what we offer:

  • Comprehensive solutions to problems with education
  • Interesting and engaging ways to increase the effectiveness of education
  • Programs to help students decide what’s right for them.

Core Values


The ImpactEd team is committed to creating an individual experience.

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The ImpactEd team is committed to respecting each student’s background, beliefs,

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The ImpactEd team is committed to operating with the highest level of integrity.

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The ImpactEd team is committed to producing results in such a way that every

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The ImpactEd team is committed to building an authentic relationship with every student.

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How It Works

Let’s make this easy – because education can be difficult. Our team of education experts is ready to create new and exciting ways to improve the education experience for both students and educators. We are here to change to problems of the past into innovative solutions for the future. Our technological solutions will help provide smooth, interesting, and effective options for education globally.

Reach out to our experts.

If you’re here it means you’ve seen an issue…

If you’re here it means you’ve seen an issue, whether in wider education or your personal experience. This is what we’re here for. We offer new and exciting ways to fix those big problems you face. We hope that our solutions can help make education a smoother and smarter experience for everyone.

Give Us Some Time

Solving big problems takes big solutions…

Solving big problems takes big solutions, and those solutions can require time. It may take us a while to come up with a long-term solution to the issue. But you can be content knowing we won’t settle for anything other than amazing.

Check Out What We’ve Done Already

It is our goal to get you excited about the technology we can offer.

It is our goal to get you excited about the technology we can offer. We’ve done our best to craft amazing solutions for everyone we’ve worked with and hope we can do the same for you. We also don’t limit ourselves to only fixing small or large issues. Check out some of our other solutions: PD Squared College Affordability Toolkit.

Who We Serve


We are ready to serve any student, whether they aren’t sure if college is for them, or if they already know which college they want to attend. We are here to serve students from small towns in the Midwest to students on the coasts or even internationally. We are prepared to start working with the middle school students and creating a path of success for them to seniors in their last semester needing to wrap everything up. Whatever the case, whoever the individual, and however we can help, we are prepared and ready.


We are ready to work with any school or school district no matter the size or the need. We are prepared to serve a school as the preferred college counseling service vendor and work in conjunction with school administrators to provide professional college counseling or to serve as a supplement to what a school already has in place. Whatever the case, whoever the school, and however we can help, we are prepared and ready.

Private Entities

We are ready to support academies, foundations, non-profit groups, athletic clubs, charter schools, homeschool groups, academic coalitions, or any other private entity that has a vested interest in making sure their students are equipped, well-informed, and educated with the college search process. We will customize our services to meet the needs of your organization and provide professional college counseling to your students individually or as a group.