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What is it?

Deciding what to do after high school and where to do it are some of the most significant decisions people will make in their life. College counseling is when experts in the field of college admissions assist high school students and their parents or supporters through the college search, application, and acceptance process. A good college counseling agency will saturate this decision-making process with facts, research, data, and best practices, and share college admissions insights in order to help students maximize their opportunities. A college counselor is an advocate for the student and provides ongoing advice and counsel during this critical time of deciding one’s future. The college decision has life-long ramifications and implications and just as one may hire a financial advisor to help plan retirement, or one may engage a consultant when building a house, parents seek the support of college counselors in order to walk this daunting college search path with an expert and advocate by their side. Every student should understand how to best prepare for their future and find their purpose in life – and that is hard to do alone.

How does it work? 

Our team of talented advisors, with over 100 years of experience, will partner with you and your family to create an easy, stress-free, and customized plan to lead you through the college search and selection process. This process is complex and can be daunting, but we are here to help. We will start with an initial discovery phase, where our team will learn about your unique goals, dreams, and aspirations. A customized plan will then be created that will help identify which colleges match yourinterests, desires, and non-negotiables. We will help you find the right college that is a perfect fit for you. Our team will work with you on your resume, application, essay and personal statement, interview skills, and other critical aspects of the college admissions process to increase the chances of getting accepted into the colleges you want. We will work with you to secure the most attractive financial aid packages possible. This challenging and competitive process will be made simple and easy to understand and will give you an advantage over other students. We will help you find the right fit, increase your chances of getting accepted, secure all the money possible, and remove the stress. We would love to work with you to ensure you are maximizing all your opportunities and are on a path to success.

Why do it?

Being an executive in the admissions world at a university taught me so many things that were behind the scenes and gave me critical insight to the college admissions process. Upon learning these things from the back end, I felt like the students were missing an advocate, hence losing opportunities. I have always been an advocate for the student – and seeing how students were not maximizing their opportunities, and how parents were not asking the right questions, and seeing how families were leaving money on the table was difficult to watch, let alone be a part of. I could see how students and families thought they were getting the best deal and doing the right things – and they just weren’t – because they didn’t know what the admissions team was looking for or how the process worked. Students didn’t have an advocate, they were relying on the little bit of information they had. Hiring an independent college consultant or college counselor will help students find the right fit for a college, help them get accepted in the college(s) of their choice, help them secure as much Financial aid as possible, and eliminate the anxiety, stress, and tension that the college search process can create.




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